Everything You Need Knows About How to Cosplay Agatha Harkness from WandaVision

Agatha Harkness from Wanda Vision is a fictional character who first appeared in Fantastic Four #94 in January in the year 1970. Agatha Harkness is a powerful witch with high skills in magic. The character was created by the artist Jack Kirby and the writer Stan Lee.

Agatha Harkness practiced magic for more than a thousand years. She is very powerful in New Salem. If Agatha Harkness is your favorite character from Wanda Vision, then you would be planning to dress up like Agatha Harkness in your latest cosplay event. If that is so then this post is made for you.

Continue reading further to know how to dress up like Agatha Harkness and also to know the costumes you would need to dress up like her. But before going into details of the costume that you would require to cosplay an Agatha Harkness, we would like to give you a brief of what cosplay is all about and why exactly people cosplay different characters.

What is cosplaying?

Cosplaying is a performance art wherein people wear costumes of their favorite character. They also dress up exactly like the favorite character wearing all the accessories and dress. Cosplaying is not just a game where people try to mimic their favorite character but it is a way of expressing oneself through which one can bring out his own emotions and feelings. Cosplaying is a pattern where people of almost every generation try to dress up either in their way or something different. Some try to experiment with the dress while others dress up like any fictional character.

Now that you know what cosplaying is all about and why exactly people cosplay different characters, we can move on to the next section which will help you get dressed up as your favorite character.

How to cosplay Agatha Harkness?

Cosplay Agatha Harkness from WandaVision

Cosplay By godtierjade

Cosplay is an activity where the cosplayers dress up as their favorite character. The character could be from a comic book, television show, video game, animation, web series, movie, or anything else. One can cosplay some real characters as well.

But, if you’re planning to cosplay Agatha Harkness, here’s what you need to know. Below are some costumes that you should be wearing to dress up exactly like Agatha Harkness. Do always remember to follow every small detail if you want to be the best player at your event.

  • Dress: The dress that Agatha Harkness wears is of dark greenish color. So, when you dress up like her make sure the color of your dress matches the costume exactly. Agatha Harkness wears a long gown that is made of the best quality.
  • Cloak:The cloak is the most important costume if you are to cosplay Agatha Harkness. The cloak that Agatha Harkness wears is dark green. The color of her Cloak matches exactly with her dress.
  • Hand band: the next important part of the costume of Agatha Harkness is the hand band. She has those two hand bands which she wears in each of her hands. The color of the hand band is black.
  • Short hair: Agatha Harkness has short hair. She doesn’t have too long hair. SO, make sure you put on a wig of short hair to cosplay Agatha Harkness.
  • Light makeup: Make sure to use light makeup. As your makeup too should match the character you cosplay. Now that you know all the costumes you need, let us move on to the next section.

Tips to cosplay Agatha Harkness

Now that you know all the costumes that you would require to cosplay Agatha Harkness, we would like to provide some tips to cosplay Agatha Harkness. Below are some tips that you should be following so to mimic Agatha in the best possible way:

  • The first thing which you should remember is to wear a costume which is clean and properly ironed.
  • Make sure that you wear nude color undergarments while wearing the costumes of your character.
  • Try to behave like Agatha Harkness, that is you should have a strong look on your face with a strong personality as Agatha Harkness is the most powerful witch.
  • Focus on every small detail of the character that you are going to mimic as every small detail matters.
  • Ensure that the color of your dress matches exactly with the Agatha Harkness costume.

Another thing that you’ll always have to keep in mind while cosplaying any character is to have a costume made of the best quality material. It is also suggested not to use any face paints or any kind of paint.

Cosplaying has become a trend these days. It is one of the best methods to express oneself. If you are to attend a cosplay event then make sure to follow all the above tips that we have provided to impress everyone at the event with just one look.