Genshin Impact Candace Cosplay: A Detailed Guide

When it comes to cosplaying, Genshin Impact characters are most popular among cosplayers. This game has unique characters and all of them are dressed in great outfits.

Speaking of which Candace could be a good choice for your next cosplay event. She is a playable hydro character from a village named Aaru. She is the protector of the village and its people. She has different attacks including normal attack, charged attack, and plunging attack.

If you are excited to cosplay Candace, you will first have to get the costumes. Like most Genshin Impact characters, Candace’s costume is made of different parts. Go through the details and find out the costumes you need to dress up like her.

Genshin Impact Candace Cosplay

How to cosplay Candace?

Cosplay events have become more popular in the last few decades. From summer to winter, they host cosplay events throughout the year.

Some of you might assume that cosplaying is only for children or teenagers. However, you are wrong about that. Anybody can cosplay and participate in cosplay events. No rulebook states that only young people are allowed to dress up as their favorite characters.

  • Top

The first thing you will need is a white crop top or blouse. Look for tops that are made of high-quality satin fabric. Luckily, many sellers are offering Candace costumes. One important thing to check is the quality of the fabric. The ones made of low-quality fabric will not last long. Also, they might feel uncomfortable to wear. This is why you should always prioritize quality over price.

Genshin Impact Candace

  • Pants

The next thing you need is the pants. Look for harem-style pants with the same decorations as Candace’s outfit. You must also check the color of the costume. If it doesn’t match the original outfit, then there’s no point in buying it. You need purple colored pants that will go perfectly with the cropped blouse.

  • Sleeves

The sleeves are not attached to the top. Instead, they are included in the costume kit separately. The look you are trying to create is incomplete without the sleeves. But make sure that the design and the color of the sleeves are the same as Candace’s outfit. If you see her outfit, you will notice that one of her sleeves is fitted while the other one is flared.

  • Belt

The belt is also an important part of the genshin impact costume. It makes the outfit look incomplete. The most sellers offer the belt with the costume kit, so you don’t need to buy it separately. Once again, the design of the belt should be the same as the original outfit.

simcosplay candace cosplay costume

  • Headgear

Candace wears headgear, which means you have to wear it too. But you might have to buy it separately. Headgear and wigs are usually not included in the costume set. You cannot go without the headgear as it will make your outfit look incomplete.

  • Wig

After the headgear, the wig is the most important thing you need. When buying the wig, make sure it is made of high-quality material. The wig should be soft and easy to wear. You will find both glue wigs and clip-on wigs.

  • Accessories

The accessories you need are a wristband, waist decoration, hand guard, and leglet. You can either purchase them or make them yourself. Every small detail about the costume is important, especially if you are participating in a cosplay competition.

Genshin Impact Candace 2

How to take care of your cosplay costumes?

After you the cosplay event is over, you must wash and store your costume safely. Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Wash your costume thoroughly. You can either hand wash it or put it in the washing machine depending on the requirement.
  • Make sure to dry your costume properly before storing it away.
  • Fold them nicely and put them in a poly bag or something. You can then store it away in your cupboard.

Cosplay costumes are expensive and therefore, you should maintain them nicely. You can wear the same outfit to some other cosplay event or Halloween party.

Dressing up as Candace is the best thing you can do as a cosplayer. Just make sure that you get everything right including the minute details. This will improve your chances of winning if you are participating in a competition.