Top 5 benefits of using mink lashes for women

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It varies from person to person and cannot be defined. And when it comes to our beauty, we are the most confused and the hardest on ourselves. Nothing suits our face and we just cannot understand what will. In such scenarios, others come into play and worsen the situation further. And one of the most common suggestions you would find is that you should not try on false stuff, they make you feel plastic. But what harm is a little plastic if it makes you more confident. We are going to talk about one of those aspects of this article, fake lashes. But not just any fake lashes, comfortable, smooth and light, mink lashes. They do not give off the vibe of being false extensions, fit on your eyelids perfectly and make you forget that they are there completely. So come along as we dig into the matter in much detail:

What are mink lashes and what are they made of?

eyes makeup with mink lashes

The lashes come from the fur of minks. The fur can be shaved off their bodies pretty easily and used to make comfy, thicker, fuller and softer lashes once glued to a human’s eyelashes. They are natural and not feel and look as plastic as the synthetic ones, rather they have a more natural look. Sometimes the fur is not even subjected to dyes or colours, and hence retains their natural colour and texture which is even more beautiful.

What are the advantages that come with using them?

The lashes are manufactured from real furs of minks, which accounts for them having a soft, fluffy, light and a natural-looking finish, which helps them to blend in with actual human lashes. They can be reused multiple times as well. They have many more advantages to them and here some that are listed for your convenience:

mink lashes are very important for eyes makeup

  1. They are smooth and soft and hence enhance the appearance of the actual lashes. They are of varied length and thickness for the ladies to choose from according to their desire.
  2. If and when you use artificial lashes, especially the synthetic ones, you are bound to feel a sense of discomfort and on top of that, the eyelashes do not feel natural. It is not so with mink lashes as they are very comfortable and give a very much natural look to your lashes.
  3. These lashes are more natural-looking and way stronger than synthetic lashes. Many people cannot even tell them apart from normal human lashes.
  4. Lastly, they are quite flexible and can adjust to the shape of your eyes quite easily. They are versatile as well that they can be worn for and at any event, with any makeup routine.

How do you know the lash you choose is the right one?

Apart from these entire how do you know if the lashes you select is the one your eyes need?! Fret not as here are some points you need to check before you settle to buy lashes for your eyes. Read along:

how to makeup your eyes with mink lashes

  1. Firstly it would be easy to understand whether or not they are of mink fur as mink lashes are soft and smooth. So make sure you feel them properly to understand their texture to get sure of their material.
  2. Second, see to the fact that they fit the shape, size, and curvature of your eyes. This would make sure of it that it sits perfectly on your eyelids without causing discomfort.
  3. Also, while you are at it, try to go for the handmade ones rather than the industrialised ones made in bulk. The durability of the handmade ones is more than the machine manufactured ones.
  4. Lastly, look out for fake mink hair lashes. Due to their extensive demand, duplicate mink lashes have been doing their rounds in the market. It would be fairly easy to notice if you are observant enough.

Makeup your eyes by video guide

Mink lashes are quite durable and versatile and a go-to if you are someone who likes to keep her make up kit up to date. Just keep in mind to take care of them properly as a bit of wear and tear here and there will make them lose their charm completely. It is recommended you use tweezers to take them off, keep them away from moisture and heat, in cool dry places.